Damsels of DDO Episode 61, Reaper Mode

The Damsels of DDO are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. What that you say? You want to spend 80 minutes in the same quest on an insane difficulty? Done and done! The Damsels went to Bargain of Blood on Reaper difficulty. The results were a bit shocking. Find out what we have to say about that and DDO’s 11th anniversary! Thanks so much for listening!  


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  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Sunday, February 26th, 2016 at 2AM Eastern. This is our 61st show!


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Sahba corrects and Myth sleeps [zzzzz]:

    • Gnomes came out to play last night! Love them! (didn’t think I would!)
    • Sahba Gnome? Is it that she’s too short? I think maybe she just needs a new outfit.


  • Rumors, News, and Lies
    • Mythery is still 30?
    • DDOCast turns 10.
    • Free gift for VIPS – just a reminder – log in through Mar 13.
    • Double DDO bonus points through Mar 2nd. Support your game – buy DDO points <G>.
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    • Alignment changes – 371 ddo points
    • Select classes
    • Supreme tomes – +6 3858 ddo points
    • Select ability potions x5 – 45 ddo points
    • Potions of PRR/MRR x10 371; x5 221
  • 11th anniversary
  • Forums:
    • What motivates you to play DDO?
    • Reaper XP – per character – I doubt I will get enough xp on one character to get the rewards but doing quests in reaper mode (chances increase with higher reaper skulls):
      • with static-named items have Reaper bonus gains
        • Ability boost – +2 to all abilities (helmets only)
        • Power boost – +3 to melee, ranged, spell power
        • PRR +3
        • MRR +3
      • Increased chance of named item drops
      • Increased chance of named items having mythic bonuses
  • Reaper enhancements.


  • Before we start!  
    • The 100
      • Bellarke is real <3
      • Shadowhunters
        • Magnus dropped a BIG Easter egg about the Infernal Devices (Gem!)
        • Awesome warlock battle, lock down his house!
        • drug addiction (totally cool with all the plot changes so far, no complaints!) I felt a little weird chemistry between Izzy and Rafael(lead vampire). I’m wondering if she’s going to get another man. I liked her Selee boyfriend, but meh. It’s all good.
    • Riverdale!!!!  
      • So good
      • Teen Outlander!!!!
      • Jughead is Cody from Suite life of Zach and Cody and he is acting his butt off! So impressed. So confusing. Babies aren’t supposed to be so hot. It is creepy just typing it.
      • I love Betty and Veronica’s relationship. I normally go in for guy love/ bromances but this one is reeling me in like Xena and Gabrielle.
      • Instant hit! Watch it! Gossip Girl but with evil people and emotionally immature adults. Way better.

       photo outlander20and20his20ginger20son20teen20outlander.jpg

      Outlander Jaimie and his teenage son Archie “Dinna Fash Sassenach”



Bargain of Blood – Reaper Mode

Soooooo, I just talked about this quest. Not last time but the time before, so Sahba picked it this time so I would have nothing to say tonight. It was a little different this time though. We actually did the quest AND was did it on Reaper mode. It was only one skull but I did learn a few things in there.

  1. Going slowly really does work sometimes. OK, I already knew this but it happens so infrequently I might have forgotten.
  2. Standing 15 – 20 feet above the person trying to kill you and throwing fireballs at them is a great idea. Fine, I knew this too but it makes a lot of sense in here.
  3. Don’t let Lessah near the lost souls if you actually need them. Shoulda known this. 🙂
  4. Take a healer because trying to heal yourself is stupid.
  5. It makes me happy that maybe now I can play my healers and be appreciated again.
  6. One skull isn’t really that hard but I did notice that one of the named guys was CR 48. The quest was level 22 and we were 21.

What are some of the real features of reaper mode?

  1. Monster damage up, player damage down.
  2. Self healing, keyword “self”, waaaaaaay down. 1 skull 40% less than normal, 4% less each skull to 4% at 10 skulls!!!! Wow!
  3. Killing an enemy may result in a lost soul being dropped. Consuming (dbl click on it) it will give back sp. It is 5(base quest level+3). Hirelings can’t use them. Bummer!
  4. There is a death timer. About 6 seconds and if you run away from you stone and rubber band the timer restarts.
  5. If you leave the instance you can NOT come back and no one else can come in either (no swapping out characters or adding a new player).
  6. You get full hp, sp, and ki when entering the dungeon but this isn’t like a rest. Ex: if you have death penalties you will still have them.
  7. CC spells don’t last as long.
  8. You cannot enter a quest if you are more than six levels over the base quest level.
  9. If you are an epic level character you cannot enter a heroic level quest.
  10. XP – There is extra xp given and there are a great many things that affect how much xp is given. Check the wiki.

A little about reapers.

  1. They look like wraiths.
  2. They all wear deathblock.
  3. Don’t bother with things like trip, grease, earthquake, or any other ground type effect.


Kinds of reapers.


  • Carnage Reaper
    • Hits like a truck. Even in low level reapers, carnage reaper may one-shot you.
    • Inflicts a vulnerability debuff of 20% more damage. Stacks up to 10 times.
    • Likes to engage in melee.
  • Famine Reaper
    • Casts various spells
    • Every 10 seconds, gains a stack of Doom Caster: This caster’s spells will hit harder and fail less.
    • Affects nearby characters with Reaper: Slowing Touch: The Reaper’s touch gnaws at your form, slowing your movement and preventing tumbling. Bestowed automatically when you enter Reaper’s melee range for 4 seconds. Combat log: -50% movement, -20 melee speed, -20 ranged speed
    • Will teleport to player if it loses line of sight for long.
  • Fear Reaper
    • Has an AoE stacking DoT effect (“Fear of Death”) that damages all characters until the reaper is destroyed.
    • Has a radius around him where “Fear of Death” doesn’t apply. So, anyone within the radius of the fear reaper is safe from the effect.
    • Doesn’t like to come close to the players. Usually stays in initial position, but would like to have line of sight.
    • Has a melee attack. Hits hard, but in line with champs.
  • Plague Reaper
    • Melee. Hits like the fear reaper, but he inflicts healing debuff. Basically, trying to heal the person hit by the plague reaper is useless.
    • Will teleport if player is too far.


There are three vendors to speak to about items. Each requires a different amount of reaper experience before they will talk to you,

A few of the items you could get are:


  • Cosmetic eyes
  • Cosmetic wings
  • Reaperling creature companion



  • Each of these chances should increase in likelihood for each skull of reaper being played on.
  • Applies to static named items from quests. Crafted items or end rewards don’t have this benefit.

An item with Reaper bonus gains one of the following:




  • All Things Mythery:   (theme song by the amazing Bonniebew!)


    • What are those red balls?



  • Mythery Says:  


    • “It’s not mad, it’s moderately pissed off”  


  • School is going great, thanks for asking! I am loving it. *sings* I wish I could go back to college! 
  • Mythery – why hasn’t Lessah typed anything in here for me?
  • When is Next time?  
    • Twitch – Sat Mar 11, 2am EST
    • Podcast – Sun Mar 12, 2am EST


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