Damsels of DDO Episode 42, Epic Wheloon Prison

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  The Damsels went to prison, Wheloon Prison that is.  The Shadar-kai didn’t know what hit em!  Mythery has a good rant about the price of good-looking clothing in the DDO Store, and Sahba Jade gives her thoughts on the potential crafting changes.  Thanks so much for listening!                            



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Here is the questing, for your viewing pleasure!


  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 at 11:00 PDT. This is our 42nd show.   Welcome!
    • I have a gift, cause reasons!  Come find me in the Harbor..I’ll say what server later in the show if you can’t figure it out, and open a trade window with meh!  


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Sahba corrects and Myth sleeps [zzzzz]:

      • You know when you want to run a quest and you want a special weapon, and you just can’t get it, so you decide to make it and then when you go to make it, only you aren’t high enough crafting level to get it 100% and you don’t want to take chances on making the thing, because you only have one of some special ingredient… Only to find out that the special ingredient isn’t even in your bank anymore, and maybe it never was?  And so, you go begging to your buddies for that one THING via text messages, and then you go into the quest where it sometimes drops, only to have the person you were begging log on and try to it give to you..  I mean, we have all been there, right?   
    • The Epic Completionist trek continues!  The next time you see Lessah, she will be a ranger!  Look for my LFM and keep up!  
    • Mythery Inferno COmpletionist…I heard a rumor about a FS…
    • Sahba is a Gnome?!  
  • Rumors, News, and Lies
    • First up, a lie – Sahbajade STILL makes Lessah pug
      • Speaking of pugging, did Lessah pug?   
        • So so much.  Even pugged House P Partycrashers and still didn’t get the shard I wanted.  Boooooo.  Next life!  
    • Lessah on DDOCast talking about consumables??
    • Game News
      • Update 31
        • Quests
        • Items
      • Downtime 7-12 EDT Thursday, May 19 – U31P1
      • Flash Sales
      • Cannith Crafting changes
    • Forums
      • EH A Small Problem has a Big Problem
      • Lag
    • Community
      • High Lords of Malkier are hosting a Defiler of the Just teaching raid on Saturday – Sarlona
      • Munchkin Summer Games starts Jun 3 (goes for 10 Fridays) on Khyber
    • Monster Manuals
      • 2250 mysterious remnants
      • For player races, only one not maxed out on slayers is …
      • Why are there no drow in the MM? Only dwarf, elf, halfling, human, warforged as player races.
      • XP needs updating?  A couple of examples:
        • Character – 1750 bats for 8000 xp (cumulative)?
      • It’d be nice if we could see what types of whatever monster we haven’t slain.  For instance, I have 37 of 45 warforged types slain.  No clue what the other 8 are.  I’ve maxed out my slayer.
      • Last volume (VI) came out with update 28 – The Devil’s Gambit.  We want more.
        • Why are there no drow in the MM? Only dwarf, elf, halfling, human, warforged as player races.
        • No Drider? No purple worm?
      • Monster Manual Known Issues forum thread – NoWorries wrote, on 5/16, the devs haven’t been able to keep the MM up-to-date with the last couple of updates due to tight schedules.  Hopefully, they will be caught up with the next update, and maybe grab a few more of the older issues as well.
    • Felicia Day


  • Before we start!  
    • Dr. Who.  
      • Season 8 Easter eggs
        • A scarf is a stupid idea.  
        • We will talk about Dr. Who as Sahba and Myth get caught up because I am almost done.  Season 8, Episode 8.  
        • I want to watch the Day of the Doctor.  
    • Outlander  (brace yourselves kids, I am going to rant!)  
      • So… riddle me this, Claire is preggers, when she goes back to the 40’s.  She isn’t really showing much.  But there are more books after the one they are currently doing?  Why?  Jaime is cute and all, but I like the shag the new guy.  Where is the new blood?  
        • This is a romance novel..it should be a hot-guy parade!  Instead, I get Jaime in nice clothes, Jaime with no shirt on for two seconds, and the occasional odd naked lady alongside a pregnant Claire…also not much action is going on behind closed doors, even though half the scenes are in a brothel.  Honestly, I’m getting more of a girl-porn buzz while watching Vikings.  Please tell me how this went from Semi-Supernatural romance novel to historical, political snooze-fest?  
        • What if…someone from this time period ended up going back.  I think we might get burned at the stake immediately!  


Wheloon Prison


Friends in Low Places

I am pretty much always up for something pretty and new to wear but I I have seriously been looking for a “pretty” new robe for at least the last six months, maybe more. Someone told me that there was a lady living over in Wheloon that makes some very pretty robes and I wanted to go check it out. I talked Lessah and Sahba into going with me and no I didn’t say it was for robe shopping (Sahba never would have come). So, I’m poking around town looking for this shop and I hear Lessah and Sahba arguing about something. I heard Lessah say something like “talk to all of them!!” and Sahba was arguing “I don’t want to talk to all of them. Just tell me who…” Naturally, I went over to see what was going on even though I knew it wouldn’t lead me to a pretty new robe.

Apparently there was something going on in the prison and one of them had managed to get us involved in straightening out the problem. The first thing we were supposed to do was go in and help some innocent people. We go in and I have to say….I’m really confused. I mean, I’ve never been to a prison before but my understanding is that the criminals are locked up in little cells, in a building, away from the “innocent” people. From what I am seeing, it seems like they just took a few neighborhoods and put a big wall around them and then shoved all of the bad guys in. So are we going in to save some people who didn’t move out fast enough? Or what? I sure hope the robe lady doesn’t live in here or I will have to pass on the robe shopping in Wheloon. We did find some people who needed saving in some drainage culverts. Honestly, why are they always in the most stinky place in the area? My shoes are ruined. Again.



End Rewards

ERandom Effect: Accuracy IX, Natural Armor +9, Resistance +9, Wizardry IX, Bluff +19, Diplomacy +19, Haggle +19, Intimidate +19, Listen +19, Search +19, Spellcraft +19, Spot +19

A Lesson in Deception

OK, so our next task is to find out who the BMOC that thinks he can organize all of the little gangs (including stragglers) into one big gang. I have a suggestion, put these guys in a big building with tiny cells and this would be a much harder thing for the bad guy to do! Oh well. We end up in the warehouse district and after a bit we start hearing someone talking to us. Sort of just a voice on the air. And the voice is basically giving us instructions. I guess it’s true, on the inside they really do just want to get caught. We have to hurry to find them though because if we don’t the guy plans to begin killing off prisoners. That was a terrible thing since we had to make the decision not to help people on the way there that really needed our help. Getting caught is not all they will get when we find them.


End Rewards

ERandom Effect: Acid VI, Frost VI, Flaming VI, Shock VI, Poison VI, Axiomatic V, Anarchic V, Shrieking V,Solar IV, Eldritch IV, Holy IV, Improved Banishing, Improved Vorpal, Sundering VIII, Magma


Army of Shadow

The Netherese have a recruiting center, see little cells. I’m telling you, little cells. The place is huge and we went through the entire place. We destroyed their altars, played with a mimic, and in the end we killed General Marthir. While we may have put a large dent in their plans, this isn’t the end of it. We plan to come back and finish them off once and for all.


End Rewards

ERandom Effect: Armor Bonus +11, Acid Resistance +45, Cold Resistance +45, Fire Resistance +45, Electric Resistance +45, Sonic Resistance +45, Fortification +120%, Strength +9, Dexterity +9, Constitution +9



  • All Things Mythery:   (theme song by the amazing Bonniebew!)
    • Mythery Says:   My Zen Garden is a firewall.  
    • Mythery Thought: I need to think about this.
    • I need pretty shoes that can stand up to the sewer system.
  • Ask Mythery
    • The perfect color scheme for a robe?  
    • Mythery Robe Rant.  
      • They know when they have a good product!  (DDO Store!)  



  • The raid is coming!  Do your crafting, get your weapons, don’t neglect your puppies!  This is happening!  
    • Lessah, Myth, Sahba, Rent?, Draculetta?, Narc, Patrick, Chai
  • Mythery – All your kills are belong to me.   
  • When is Next time?  
    • Twitch – May 31, 11 PDT – Woflpack Shroud Time!
    • Podcast – June 1, 11 PDT


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