Damsels of DDO Episode 41, Epic Slayer

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  This week, the Damsels went for some fun and easy experience this week with a few Epic Slayer zones.  Fun times were had by all!  Never forget your slayer pot kids, it’s worth it.  Thanks so much for listening!                            



Here is the cast!  Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!  

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Here is the questing!  Enjoy!


  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Wednesday, May4th, 2016 at 11:00 PDT. This is our 41st show.   Welcome!


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Sahba corrects and Myth sleeps [zzzzz]:

    • Should I give up on my dreams?  
    • Been thinking about DDO on a budget lately.  In these tough economic times, maybe pay as you go is better.  


  • Rumors, News, and Lies
    • First up, a lie – Sahbajade STILL makes Lessah pug
      • Speaking of pugging, did Lessah pug?   
        • No.  I tried.  You have to get the good groups fast and pay attention!  
    • Forums
      • New spells
        • Are there spells you would never choose?
        • Spells that could use updating?
        • Something you’d like to see?
        • Do you swap spells?
        • Do you use summons?
      • Lag?
      • Convert epic levels to class levels?
    • Community
      • DDO Character Planner has been updated: http://www.rjcyberware.com/DDO/DDOCharGen.html
      • DDOcaSplat! On the DDOstream?
      • High Lords of Malkier are hosting a Master Artificer and Lord of Blades teaching raids on Saturday; Sarlona.  
    • Cannith Crafting – Update 32 (typical disclaimers about unforeseen things that could delay it apply)
    • Update 31: Gnomework on Lamannia and is going live soon!


  • Before we start!  
    • Dr. Who.  
      • I’m in Season 8!  What are we going to do once I’m caught up?  
        • End of Season 7, THe Crimson Horror, anything with Madame Vastra and Strax in it is gold.  Great dynamic!  
        • Episode 7, a Nightmare in Silver.  When is it a good idea to take children time traveling?  
          • The Chess Game seemed a bit awkward, the doctor acting schizophrenic, the best part of the episode was the “do you think I’m pretty” test.   
        • Episode 8, The Name of the Doctor, let’s talk about the awkwardness when River realizes Doctor hasn’t told his pretty companion about his wife…
        • Season 8 is where I stopped halfway through the next Doctor who is Scottish and can complain about things. I don’t hate him like I thought I would.   
    • Outlander!!!!!!  Starting saturday.  I have soooooo many notes!  
      • I explain a plot badly:  Woman from the 40’s goes back to the past and gets a husband upgrade.    
        • Sahba Jade watching Outlander, what?  


Epic Slayer!


The Ruins of Thunderholme

First we did the ruins of Thunderholme. For full XP you need to be between levels 20 and 33 and since you can only be up to level 30, that’s weird. There are two raids here, Fire on Thunder Peak and Temple of the Deathwyrm. Flagging for these raids is done in the slayer area by destroying Dagan the Death Knight and slaying the Cult of the Emissary, namely Sarva Bellistrae. After flagging you will be able to teleport to the raid entrance but I read that if you are going to the raid and have someone in your party that is already flagged who teleports directly to the raid the red named needed for flagging will not spawn. So if you plan to flag someone on the way there…The chest will be there so don’t think that is an indication the red named is around. We did pretty much the whole place. We skipped Sarva and her pals and the forge area, but I ended up getting around 80-90k. What about you guys?



There is some named loot that drops from the rares. All are ML 27 and BTC on equip:

Thunder Forged Loot using the Magma Forge – Briefly, weapons and armor can be crafted and upgraded by combining a variety of crafting ingredients. Base weapons are created by combining Commendations of Valor and Thunder Forged Dwarven Ingots and then can be upgraded to tiers 1, 2, and 3 (1 upgrade per tier) by using crafting ingredients obtained by doing the raids. Weapons start at ML 22 and increase by 2 per tier.  Armor is crafted by combining Commendations of Valor with Shadow Dragon Scales (ML 26) and can be upgraded using more Shadow Dragon Scales (ML 28).

Raid crafting ingredients:


The Orchard

I’m not sure how much XP I got out there because I was in the middle of getting my 3000 but I think Lessah and Sahba hit a goal so it was all good. We didn’t stay out there very long because they are a couple of babies that wanted to go to bed, like sleep is important or something. But! There is loot to talk about out here. Some very interesting loot I might add. So I went to look it up because I like to be accurate and … Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh there is soooooooooooooo much of it!!!! OK, all of it is ML 27 and can be taken to the Fountain of Necrotic Might combined with 120 epic tapestries and will open an augment slot. The primary can be yellow, blue, or red and the secondary can be green, orange, or purple (orange and purple are for weapons and shields only).




The Mark of Death

Improved Harm 3 Charges (Recharged/Day:3), Intimidate +25, Resistance +12, Incite +45, Vitality +40,Insightful Sheltering +5

Lesser Heighten 5 Charges (Recharged/Day:5), Wisdom +11, Intelligence +11, Charisma +11, Deific Focus II

Turn the Page 5 Charges (Recharged/Day:5), Litany of the Dead II – Ability Bonus, Taint of Evil, Litany of the Dead II – Combat Bonus, Light of Dawn

Lesser Maximize 5 Charges (Recharged/Day:5), Combustion +150, Efficient Metamagic – Enlarge II, Spell Lore XVII

Improved Quelling Strikes, Fortification +150, Protection +10, Fire Absorption 10%, Light Absorption 10%

Knife Shot, Maximum Charge Tier: V, Spike Guard, Rune Arm Imbue: Knife Shot VI, Impulse +150, Kinetic Lore XII,Spiked

Use Magical Device +5, Scorching Sun, Deadly XI, Greater Dispelling Guard, Extra Smites

Armor Bonus +8, Sheltering +30, Smoke Screen, Immunity to Fear, Healing Amplification: +60 Competence Bonus

Concentration -50, Ranged Speed XV, Stealth Strike, Insightful Sneak Attack Bonus +4, Doubleshot 8%


Desecrated Temple of Vol (epic)

+8 Enhancement Bonus, Riposte VII, Guardbreaking, Speed XV

Resistance +11, Speed XV, Vertigo +12, Stunning +12, Shatter +12, Greater Heroism

+11 Enhancement Bonus, Nightshield 1 Charges (Recharged/Day:1), Insightful Spell Save +1, Elemental Resistance +30 , Inherent Elemental Resistance – 10, Insightful Will Save +2, Insightful Fortitude Save +2,Unbreakable Adamancy

Intimidate +20, Shatter +12, Insightful Will Save +2, Immunity to Fear, Strength +11, Tendon Slice 6%,Unbreakable Adamancy

Arcane Casting Dexterity, Blurry, Intelligence +11, Magical Efficiency 10%

Taint of Evil, Fearsome, Blood Rage, Manslayer, Vitality +40, Intimidate +20

Intimidate +20, Shatter +12, Insightful Will Save +2, Immunity to Fear, Strength +11, Tendon Slice 8%, Combat Mastery +5, Insightful Strength +4, Unbreakable Adamancy

Flesh Maker’s Laboratory (epic)  

Deathblock VII, Constitution +11, Concentration +20, Resistance +11, Dodge +11%, Greater Regeneration

+11 Enhancement Bonus, Nightshield 1 Charges (Recharged/Day:1), Insightful Spell Save +1, Elemental Resistance +30 , Inherent Elemental Resistance – 10, Insightful Will Save +2, Insightful Fortitude Save +2,Unbreakable Adamancy

Seeker +10, Seeker +2, Ghostly, Use Magical Device +5, Dexterity +11

Fortification +150, Vitality +40, Insightful Fortitude Save +2, Sheltering +24, Unbreakable Adamancy

Proof Against Disease +8, Proof Against Poison +8, Immunity to Fear, Blindness Immunity, Whirlwind Ward

Fortification +150, Vitality +45, Insightful Fortitude Save +2, Sheltering +30, Insightful Constitution +3, Unbreakable Adamancy

+8 Enhancement Bonus, Sheltering +24, Natural Armor +10, Spearblock VII

Ghosts of Perdition (epic)  

Superior Fire Resistance, Fire Shield (Cold), Fire Shield (Cold) Miss-Guard, Freezing Ice

Dexterity +11, Riposte IX, Ghostly, Deadly X, Speed XIV, Feather Falling

Absorb Doomsphere Spells – 8 Charges (Recharged/Day: 8), Deathblock VII, Intelligence +11, Wizardry X, Spell Save +1

Move Silently +20, Hide +20, Spot +20, Insightful Reflex Save +2, Assassination +2

+11 Enhancement Bonus, Nightshield 1 Charges (Recharged/Day:1), Insightful Constitution +3, Persuasion,Haste Guard, Exceptional Fortification (50%), Greater Nimbleness

Shadow Walk 3 Charges (Recharged/Day:3), Move Silently +20, Hide +20, Spot +20, Insightful Reflex Save +2,Assassination +4, Doublestrike 9%

+8 Enhancement Bonus, Constitution +10, Dexterity +10, Protection +10

Inferno of the Damned (epic)

Charisma +11, Resonance +144, Perform +20, Soundproof, Roar, Sheltering +24

True Seeing, Diplomacy +20, Intercession Ward, Bluff +20, Illusion Save +6, Enchantment Save +6, Wisdom +11

Constitution +11, Fire Resistance +40 , Combustion +144, Spellcraft +20

Sacred, Hallowed, Insightful Faith, Devotion +144, Deathblock VII, Unbreakable Adamancy

Sacred, Hallowed, Insightful Faith, Devotion +144, Deathblock VII, Silver Flame, Unbreakable Adamancy

+8 Enhancement Bonus, Doublestrike 6%, Combat Mastery +5, Resistance +10, Hardened Spike


This was fun, fast, easy xp with a slayer pot!  


  • All Things Mythery:   (theme song by the amazing Bonniebew!)


    • Mythery Says:   What? I was bored.  
    • Mythery Thought:
  • Ask Mythery
    • How much mana do those fireballs set you back?  Think of the children Myth!  



  • Reminder that there is still room in the raid for you on Argonnessen!  All you have to do is contact one of us, make a wolf, and get shroud flagged! We have at least 3 open slots, maybe 4.  
    • Lessah, Myth, Sahba, Rent?, Draculetta?, Narc, Patrick, Chai
    • How are we planning to take down portals as wolves?  
  • Mythery – I will not cast fireball, I will not cast fireball, I will not cast fireball.  
  • When is Next time?  
    • Twitch – May 17, 11 PDT – epics and Wheloon Prison
    • Podcast – May 18, 11 PDT
  • Wolfpack Shroud raid on May 31, 11 PDT


Email Us!  


Then catch us on:  Lessah”s Twitch  the following day for the AAR podcast!  

Sahba Jade’s Twitch


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