Damsels of DDO Episode 30, Inspired Quarter

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  The Damsels got in the way back machine and transformed themselves into level 20 characters for a fantastic night of gaming in the Inspired Quarter!  Will Jeets Shimis ever come out of dreamland and wake up to the reality that is Stormreach?  I don’t know if there’s enough bacon in the world for that!  Thanks so much for listening!


Here is the episode, just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download.  Be sure to listen all the way to the end, I pulled a page from The DDO Players book, and left in some bloopers!

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Here is the quest for your entertainment!



  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Wednesday December 9th, 2015 at 11:00 PST. This is our 30th show.
    • Story Time!
      • Roll 20, subbing for a rogue can be hazardous
    • Not only did we make level 28 and Epic TR, we did it twice…
      • Me: 3 tomes, 1 guild renown, I upgraded my Fabricator’s Gauntlets and it was easy though I made it hard.
        • Ransack Party Crashers woes (Full Plate of the Ringleader)
        • Green scales! I only got 5 🙁
      • Myth: Is the spreadsheet really blank?
      • Sahba?  What did she even do?
      • TR bug
      • Epic TR experiment change up!
        • What’s better than working on one character’s 42 heart seed goal? Working on TWO on a different server!
      • 3000 spiders and I get a free spider pet!  Account deeds question!  Helmut must live on Ghallanda!
  • Rumors and News
    • The story of Lessah and her new weapon – the Teleport Rod!
      • Advice from a power gamer…
    • New DDO Stream – Shoemaker stream weekly 3-6 EST on Sundays
      • Title – Shoemaker Builds a …
      • Going to go through building some fun to play character builds
      • First few weeks they’ll be building a Dwarven Barbarian, first life, FtP.
      • Congrats, but a Dwarven Barbarian is fun :P?
    • Festivult – woohoo – through Jan 3rd
      • Reminder, only in Eberron
      • Cookie Jars – please make them bound to account
    • U29
      • Legendary Green Steel
      • Raid Runes
        • Plat Cap Plan
    • December Deals – Week One (dec 4 – 10)
      • 35% off Warlock Class, 75% off Sovereign Guild Renown Elixirs, 50% off Ingredient Bags and Temple of Elemental Evil!
    • Forums:
      • Mobiusss – “Hirelings – The Fine Print”
      • Evil Turbine plot???
        • Gnomes! Littler people than we already have!?  Finally someone lower than halflings!
        • Turbine is Evil and has many plots. They are working very hard to figure out ways to make us miserable while at the same time convincing us to give them our money and be happy about it. <insert sarcasm…umm…anywhere>
      • “Can I have more points for my destiny?”  And while we’re at it, I need more enhancement points…and I need my non-casters to be able to get metamagics (quicken cocoon, of course).


  • Before we start!  
    • Doctor Who
        • Matt Smith Season 6
          • The Girl Who Waited
            • Old Amy wants to live
            • Rory/ Amy ledger is still not balanced.  1000/ 36 yrs
          • The God Complex
            • Amy you’re fired, call me, let’s talk!
            • Passive aggressive alien’s building shade for the invading armies..which is nice for them.
    • Adding a show for the next season… Shadowhunters!  ABC Family.  Harry Shum Jr..mmmmm.
    • No Anime this time unless you are into Sports Anime (which I am) I’m watching Haikyuu! as a simulcast, volleyball anime.  Opening is very good.  Has a very good English cover too!


Getting Inspired!

We did, Dream Conspiracy, Finding the Path, I Dream of Jeets, Mindsunder, The Shipwrecked Spy and Eye of the Titan. We also tried to do the Demon’s Den, talk about that in a few. I like Dream Conspiracy, there is just something about running around in the sewers that is satisfying. You can kill anything you want, make a big mess, pick up any shinies you find lying around, and no one cares! We did all of that and then went to a building down the street, I think it was supposed to be a church, and some creepy guy put us to sleep. When we woke up we were in a big room with a glowing ball that needed our protection for some reason. Someone said it was our will we were protecting but I have my doubts about that. We protected the ball and then we woke up back in the building again. I’m not sure but I think we were drugged and it was all just a weird mass dream. I think what happened next just goes to proved my point because we were running around inside the head of that guy that found us washed up on the beach when we first got here, or more specifically his dreams. While I am a little offended about being drugged without my permission, I did enjoy this romp in the mind of Jeets quite a bit. I like the way you have to go in the back here to get into another place and so on and if you don’t you don’t get those chests. You can’t fail the quest like that, you just won’t get the optionals. It’s cool. I think we were successful in whatever we were doing in there because we were allowed to escape and move on to another building. This place is supposed to house a large artifact that is being used to to convert the citizens into mindless idiots, I mean followers. We destroyed the thing but here’s my problem with the whole, there’s a big rock controlling people thing. Have you seen these people? Put on some True Seeing and take a look! There is a big slug thing attached to their heads! If you ask me, that is more of a problem then some rock spinning around in a building down the street. Maybe it’s sending out signals or something and the slug is the receiver? If that’s the case it seems to me that there is a more efficient way to accomplish the evil deed. I know I have something smartassed to say about Shipwrecked Spy but since it has literally been years since I have been here and the fact that went afk at the start and missed the first part I don’t really remember what it was. I never really cared for this quest for some reason but the only thing I can recall that annoyed me was from my cleric’s point of view. If you are an actual healer, I know, I’m talking to something like five people now, but if you are and if you are trying to heal people at the start of this quest while everyone is fighting on the boat and the dock it is a huge lesson in frustration. Someone can be standing right next to you and they are blocked when you try to throw a heal and there will be a post ankle high. Grrr terrible, just terrible. I don’t think I was paying much attention in here actually but I know we got some crests, went in a cave and found piles of gold and two chests, went to an encampment and boom done!

Then we did the Eye of the Titan. I really want to like this. I have tried to like it. I think one reason I don’t is because I have to do it. It’s the only way to get to the island which means I have done it many times. I have done it many times alone which bring up the second reason I don’t like it. I always seem to run out of mana before I kill everything and that shrine pops. That probably would happen is I was on normal or even hard but this is one quest that I want to do on elite because I only want to do it once and I was the favor and I’m stubborn. With the three of us I hardly used any and it went very quickly. Yay. The story is kinda cool though so everyone should go do it and read the story, you know, read the stuff the guy you are talking to is saying. See, I’m not always going to be around to tell you the story and then what are you gonna do? Heck, I could be lying about the stories, just making it up as I go and if you never read it for yourself you will never know! Lessah and Sahba won’t tell you. Hahahahahahaha!

OK, so there is this quest called Demon’s Den and apparently it is one of those quests where elite is very different than normal and hard. Who knew? Mari knew but she is trying to kill us anyway so she didn’t warn us. Lessah tried to warn us but she had only done elite so she didn’t know there was a difference and we just thought she was being a fraidy cat paladin. Sorry for anyone who is just reading this and not planning to listen to the podcast but I guess that’s your punishment because I know there will be much talk on this subject and all I am going to say here is, we didn’t finish.



Finding the Path (killing the rust monster), I Dream of Jeets (killing the damsel) Eye of the Titan (end clam chest) have a chance of dropping the Xachosian Eardweller. You need to be ready to smash it to death if you see it. It kind of looks like a worm and if it gets away you are SOL.

Mindsunder – All named loot comes from the optional chest at the end. All ML18 and bound to account.




  • All Things Mythery:   


    • Mythery Says:  “It’s really hard to solo when people are with you.”
    • “Mythery is not a thief, Mythery is rich.”  Don’t hate on me!
  • Ask Mythery:
    • Draconic Incarnation.
      • Do you ever fake your own death?
      • I will be watching for your “sheath of fire or electricity etc”
      • You twisted in LOH, are you secretly a paladin?


  • Fashion poll.  Still undecided, but for now, I will be glamouring the Silver Flame Shield. Also Sahba Jade doesn’t like my current Bling Admiral look.
  • Mythery – Website.  I actually have stuff to say
  • The Adventures of Sahba Jade!  What’s Next?
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch – Dec 22 11 PST, baby epic TRs
    • Podcast – Dec23, 11 PST

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