Damsels of DDO, Episode 28, Detour on the High Road

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  The Damsels took the High Road this week on their quest for enlightenment and also named loot!  The road was long and there was slicing without dicing, but we persevered!  We also talk about the Night Revels Event and all the sweet treats we got!  Thanks so much for listening!


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Here is the quest for your re-viewing pleasure!

 photo witch lessah.jpg

  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on November 11th at 11:00 PDT. This is our 28th show.
    • Monster Manual – Free stuff (remnants/ TP/ shards) and XP, what’s not to like?
      • I laugh at your Level Cap (110k and counting @24)
    • I am officially poor!  I have this new, cool shield of the Morning I am swapping to but I need a tool kit.  Tool Kits cost money.  So now you can ask for Amazon gift cards and hide your shame like I am going to do and add points!  How do I do this?  I tried with a Subway card and no dice…
    • Epic Progress Report.
      • Myth and I are almost 28!  Woo hoo!  All my gear is back and I am about to swap shields.
      • Myth finally dusted off her spread sheet in time for us to hit level 28 and go back.
      • U29, sched for dec, is expected to increase character levels to 30.  Think you’ll be able to TR before then, so you can TR at 28 instead of 30?
        • All TR all the time!!!  Before December! YES.
        • And play in a ‘best’ destiny.
        • My plan!  Do some solo questing prior to our questing to help fill up my karma sphere so I don’t have to worry about changing to an off destiny when we do EE stuff.  Cause I get chopped up a lot by champions.
  • Rumors and News
    • Night Revels –
      • what did you think?
        • Quests were fun and not too bad at level!  Choose your own adventure/ difficulty was great too!
          • Fav = Haverdasherd (that drops the Black Apples)
          • Hardest (for me) = Under New Ravagement (Spooky Almonds)
          • Key drops seemed to be hit and miss, even in a party for me.
            • Thank you monster manual for all the Lich’s, Ghouls, Mummy’s, and Wrath’s!
        • some on the forum think a dragon raid should be included.  thoughts?
 photo Hannibal Lessah.jpg

Silence of the Tasty Hams Mask. Can you hear them screaming?


  • what did you get?
    • Sahba
      • long broom for rogue quarterstaff user
      • witches outfit (short broom, outfit, hat)
      • silence of the tasty ham hat
      • deathward pots, restoration pots
      • shadow apples, caramel bites, cinnamon clouds
      • +2 spooky wis and int augments
    • Lessah
      • Perishables:
        • Cinnamon Cloud, Caramel Apples, Almond Shadow Spice Candy (Throws flaming pumpkins that do Fire damage and make you vulnerable to fire.)
      • Non Perishables:
        • Long Broom x5 flaming spheres a day
        • Witches Hat/ Regalia/ Short broom, all of which were glamoured and the broom was infused with Chaos to make it purple.  All of my points are now GONE.
        • Silence of the Tasty Hams x2 on 2 different servers.  LOVE it!  Negative damage to targets, be careful, it heals undead…
        • Both Red Augments (Vampire and Endless Night Level 1..yay), Spooky Wisdom Augment
      • Consumables:
        • Restoration pots/ Death ward pots (for a later TR), Greater Crystal Gargoyle and Greater Worg.
          • If you call up a greater pet, it will spit out a shadow that will try to kill you.  (the one that tried to kill me was a champion because of the quest difficulty and was CR 18)
    • Mythery
      • Int diamond
      • Caramel Apple
      • Deathward pots
      • Restoration pots
    • +20 hearts of wood for sale, with free +5 heart
    • DDO Bonus Days – Thursday through Nov 19th – Cloaks, crowns, flasks, and augments from the Mysterious Remnant Vendor.  I finally have enough remnants for the cloak – healing amp exp +45, MRR +25 insight, green and colorless augment slots (bracers have same)
    • Guess who got Dice! Thanks, Myth.  Thanks, Lessah.  Can we try for Slice now :)?
    • Per Cordovan: “We are planning to use the term Legendary to denote new quests, raids, and adventure areas that are CR31+, in the same way 1-20 is Heroic and 21-30 is Epic. The main difference being that in discussing Heroic/Epic, we are talking about both content and character levels, while in Legendary we’re talking about content.”
    • Movember Foundation – prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health support programs and research – Cordovan is hoping to raise $1000


  • Before we start!  
    • Doctor Who
        • Matt Smith
        • Victory
          • Oh Daleks…again.  yay.
        • Weeping Angels!  WOO HOO!
          • River Song
          • Lord Friendzone from GoT
        • Vampires of Venice – Rory!
          • Amy kissing the Doctor..really?
        • Amy’s Choice
          • All the cheeky writing, so good!
        • Episode 12, a Christmas Carol
          • SO GOOD! Loved it!  Feel good episode of the year. Just when I thought I couldn’t feel warm and fuzzy about a shark pulling a carriage in the snow…I get proven wrong.  Thank you Dr. Who for not ruining yet another Christmas.
            • Bonus for Amy in a Cop Outfit and Rory as a Roman soldier on their honeymoon.
    • Heroes Reborn.  (major Plot Point Spoilers ahead!!! If you are not caught up, skip ahead about 2 minutes in the show!)
      • So much makes sense now but also doesn’t.
      • Please give me Katana Girl back?
    • ANIME
      • I started Ergo Proxy. Very bizarre.  It’s good, Blade Runner meets The X-Files. Will get back to you!
      • Re-watching “My Love Story” because of all the cuteness in it and going back to watch the Sub of Psycho Pass because I only watched the Dub the first time through. Mmmmm Kougami…so manly.
 photo kougami lock screen.jpg

This is the actual lock screen for Lessah’s phone. If you have not seen Psycho Pass, what are you doing with your life?!


We went to the High Road. Why is it named the High Road? It doesn’t exactly look high to me. I didn’t really see any big mountains either. I think whoever has the job of naming streets over here in Eveningstar needs to put a little more thought into it. Like, the Lazy Harper Road or the Fraidy Cat Harper Road. Those seem a little more appropriate for that place. So anyway, we went and met up with one of the afore mentioned lazy harpers or maybe he was just a fraidy cat, I’m not really sure but we had to escort him to a farmhouse so he could hide a fragment of the Nether Scroll he found in there and every time he decided he would help us a little bit (a very little bit) his hold spell worked beautifully. So, I’m sure the rest of his spells would have packed a punch as well.

We were told that when we got to the farmhouse there would be a wizard there to help with this powerfully magicked piece of scroll. I guess you have to do something special to hide something like this. When we got there he was there but helping us was about the last thing on his mind. We ended up having to kill this dude and his pets too. Honestly, I don’t think we needed help to put this little scrap into a chest anyway. What were they thinking? I think the less people knowing about it the better. I guess it isn’t our problem anymore.



loot range from level 16 to 25

ML25: +7 Orb Bonus, †Random Spell Power 120, Spell Focus II, Spell Penetration III, Elemental Absorption 10%

Random Spell Power: Combustion, Corrosion, Glaciation, Impulse, or Magnetism.

ML25: Striding +30%, Ghostly, Dexterity +8, Insightful Dexterity +3

After that we went and barreled through the Multitude of Menace cuz Sahba wants some stuff from there and lo and behold she got one!! It was some kind of dagger and I’m sure she wants to tell us all about it. She was very very happy.

Fighting the end boss was easier than the encounters on the road. The High Road is my favorite quest chain in the Eveningstar.  So the next couple of gaming sessions are going to be fun for me.  We just have to make sure Myth doesn’t pull too many peeping tom acts while Sahba is a sneaking.




  • All Things Mythery:   


    • Mythery Says:  “I couldn’t even see you.”
    • Also Mythery does not appreciate me making fun of her lack of outfit.
        • “You love me for me!  Why U Try To change me!”
    • Mythery Says: “Do you know how much better this world would be if everyone would just do things my way?”


  • Ask Mythery:
    • If you could have any color of robe in the style you wear it in now, what color would it be?
      • I have a guess!
    • What about a matching hair color?  Or Hat?



  • Wow we have been busy!
    • Minecraft stuff is up on youtube and the Zelda adventure is going up sort of… it will be highlights!
    • This show will go up when it goes up.  If you want it sooner.  Take a power nap and listen live.  I have kids to feed and the law says I have to do that at least once a day or I’ll get arrested again.
  • Mythery – What?
  • The Adventures of Sahba Jade!  What’s Next?
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch – Nov 24, 11 PST, not sure which characters
    • Podcast – Nov 25, 11 PST

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