Damsels of DDO Episode 129, A Not So Small Small Problem

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about the games they play. This time we had some big problems with A Small Problem in DDO. We also decided to break into a vault…at night. I mean OF night! Vault of Night. Only you can’t just rock up to a vault and say “Hey, can I get in?” There are steps involved. Who knew? Sahba and Mythery also tried to tackle the Wild West for the low price of 8 dollars. We will see how that went. Thanks so much for listening! 

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This week, the Damsels have a new sponsor. 

The Kundarak Bank is offering a free toaster, no conditions apply, with a new account for a limited time on the hardcore server. Send an in-game mail to “FierceFred” and ask, “Hey man, Where is my toaster?” 




The Damsels is Recorded Live on Sunday, July 5th. This is our 129th show.  


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps


  • So many things to speak about.    


    • Hardcore is going ok. 
      • Level 10, extra life, holding 11, crafted some sweet full plate. 
      • Do not wish for a beta male unless you really want one
      • A listener tweeted me and asked for my pally build. I decided to adopt him. 


  • What we learned:
      • Lessah:  I need a horse on every character now. Grrrrrrr.  
      • Myth: I need a dragon, a bunny, and a beetle!
      • Sahba: 


Rumors, News, and Lies 



  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!! 


  • I haven’t watched anything except DDO loading screens. 
    • I watched Chuck and Upload


RuPaul Cheat Sheet


Contestant[5] Age Hometown Original season(s) Original placement(s) Outcome
Alexis Mateo 39 Las Vegas, Nevada Season 3 3rd Place TBA
All Stars 1 5th/6th Place
Blair St. Clair 24 Washington, D.C. Season 10 9th Place TBA
India Ferrah 33 Las Vegas, Nevada Season 3 10th Place 6th
Jujubee 34 Boston, Massachusetts Season 2 3rd Place TBA
All Stars 1 3rd/4th Place
Mayhem Miller 37 Riverside, California Season 10 10th Place 7th
Miz Cracker 35 New York City, New York Season 10 5th Place TBA
Shea Couleé 30 Chicago, Illinois Season 9 3rd/4th Place TBA
Mariah Balenciaga 37 Los Angeles, California Season 3 9th Place 8th Place
Ongina 37 Los Angeles, California Season 1 5th Place 9th Place
Derrick Barry 35 Las Vegas, Nevada Season 8 5th Place 10th Place



A Ludicrous Predicament


I have some not very nice things to say about this quest so I’m going to do like Thumper’s mom said and keep them to myself. I will say, this wasn’t the 1st time this quest made me feel like I had wasted a small chunk of my life. I was very happy when Sahba said she didn’t mind redboxing Under the Big Top AND that she was able to get in that way. That quest is a tad long but 4 chests at the end! Woot.

  • Other games


    • The Isle


  • Outlaws of the Old West


  • 7 Days to Die Mythery and Patrick’s world
    • How was Hoard Night? 
    • Alpha 19? 



  •  Guild Wars 2


      • Guess who hasn’t played this game thanks largely to DDO? (Cue Mythery singing “All By Myself” 
          • This is a F2P game. You buy the game and there is no sub fee.






Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! 


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