Damsels of DDO Episode 128, Epic Partycrashers

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of gaming, especially Dungeons and Dragons Online. What’s better than a party? NOTHING! The Damsels had dinner and a show when they went to House Phiarlan and did Partycrashers. Where the Dirty Kobolds are always shaken and not stirred. Thanks so much for listening! 

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This week, the Damsels have a new sponsor. 

The Circus is in town! Step right up folks. Come and see the magic of the circus in House Phiarlan. Discounts for parties of five or more. No flash photography and recording devices are allowed inside the Big Top. Also, Silver Flame Priests and Paladins must check their smiting weapons and abilities at the door. Get your tickets early. The Maleficent cabal hopes to see you soon! 



The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Sunday, June 21nd. This is our 128th show.  


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps


  • Who needs the Full Plate of the Ringleader anyway? I am officially giving up. I probably wouldn’t wear it anyway.   
    • I got a new player into DDO. A quote from him “I am just here for the free stuff.” 
  • What we learned:
      • Lessah:  Poultry isn’t pork?   
      • Myth: I get to go to the dentist again. 🙂
      • Sahba: I’m moving back to Eastern time.

Rumors, News, and Lies 


  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!! 
  • Guess who no longer has cable? 
    • What apps do you do? 
      • Netflix, Hulu, DC Universe
      • PBS Passport, Netflix, Prime Video, CBS All Access (part of the year – Star Trek: Picard is phenomenal – well worth it!!!), Disney+ (free), Brit Box (part of the year)
    • The Handmaid’s Tale is awkward. 

RuPaul Cheat Sheet


Contestant[5] Age Hometown Original season(s) Original placement(s) Outcome
Alexis Mateo 39 Las Vegas, Nevada Season 3 3rd Place TBA
All Stars 1 5th/6th Place
Blair St. Clair 24 Washington, D.C. Season 10 9th Place TBA
India Ferrah 33 Las Vegas, Nevada Season 3 10th Place TBA
Jujubee 34 Boston, Massachusetts Season 2 3rd Place TBA
All Stars 1 3rd/4th Place
Mayhem Miller 37 Riverside, California Season 10 10th Place TBA
Miz Cracker 35 New York City, New York Season 10 5th Place TBA
Shea Couleé 30 Chicago, Illinois Season 9 3rd/4th Place TBA
Mariah Balenciaga 37 Los Angeles, California Season 3 9th Place 8th Place
Ongina 37 Los Angeles, California Season 1 5th Place 9th Place
Derrick Barry 35 Las Vegas, Nevada Season 8 5th Place 10th Place



Party in House P


We produced a play! Rave reviews, so professionally performed, coming to your neighborhood soon! I guess we did almost all of the optionals in party poopers except the one called “I’m not ready to come out of the closet so go away or I’ll bite your head off.” Lessah doesn’t like that one because she thinks we shouldn’t force someone out of the closet, even if they are a big scary demon. There are a ton of optionals in this quest and we did do most of them but I don’t exactly know the separation between all of them and the actual quest. I was going to look that up on the wiki so I could talk about just the optionals here BUT the ads on the WIKI are out of control. Seriously! They are covering the content. Two ads on the party crashers page covered almost the entire page. And when I closed them there was just a big white splotch there in their place, so I still couldn’t see the page. What the heck?? I closed the page and went back hoping maybe different/smaller ads would be there or something but no luck. Couldn’t look at that page. I think I (very sweetly) mentioned this a while back but no one listened and now it is much worse. DDO has such a nice wiki, it is a shame to have it ruined like this. There is no reason ads need to overlay page content. That’s all I have to say. For now.



  • Other games


  • 7 Days to Die Mythery and Patrick’s world


  •  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon


      • Watch our video clip to see how it really is to play with the Damsels.  
        • Now we must go car shopping every play session. 



  • Guild Wars 2


      • Guess who made level 80!   
        • Now the game can begin! 
        • We can ride raptors and glide. 
          • This is a F2P game. You buy the game and there is no sub fee. 


  • I’m level 80 +3. I feel like I need a billion hero points because I can’t make up my mind and I want everything. I’m not sure but I think I can have everything!!! MUHAHAHA!!! I should probably learn how to earn and spend mastery points





Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! 


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