Damsels of DDO Episode 114 Hardcore League


The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. What do you run when you don’t know what to run? You hunt for loot in Ravenloft of course! That isn’t what concerns us today. Because we only have one life to live, folks. Brace yourselves. The Hardcore League is cominig. Thanks so much for listening!

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The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Monday, August 13th at the crack of midnight Eastern time. This is our 114th show.  


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps

      • So…did anyone else do anything interesting this week? How have you guys been? 
      • I played the test server and I still have questions that I can’t find the answers to: 
        • At the end of the Hardcore League, we will be providing free Character Transfers to everyone – alive or otherwise. 


  • Lessah’s tips for survival in the hardcore league. 


  • Your money is for your protection. Do not leave any loot in a chest. Sell what you can’t break down. 


        • Resist pots/ protection pots/ heroism/ jump etc
          • Low-level collectibles that you don’t plan to craft with are to be turned in for heal-over-time potions, these can be used in conjunction with other buffs like Aid/ Virtue/ regular heal pots
              • Let’s say you have to run through a trap. You need every advantage you can get. And those pots will stack with the other collectors’ versions of them. 


  • On the Subject of Gear: 


        • Named loot in quests are not a secret. Know what you want and go after it. 
          • If you know you need a feather falling item and haven’t found one yet, you know where the low-level items are. Go get one! 
        • It is a waste of money to use the DDO Store here. 
          • Get creative. Don’t ask me how many times I ran The Den of Kobold Brothers to find a Muck Bane. Use the tools available and figure out how to get what you need on the cheap. The rest is up to luck. I’d hate to see you spend a few hundred points on a character in XP pots and other things only to have that character die at level 12. Not worth it! The one exception to this is if you are planning a quest and need a rogue. 30 points on a rogue might be worth it here but you should have earned that much just by playing already. 


  • Let’s talk about crafting. 


        • My advice: Know what you want going in. DO YOUR RESEARCH so you know what to save in the way of collectibles. 
            • Sell all the gear you aren’t going to use in Korthos to build a little capital for yourself and then start breaking down gear every 3rd quest or so when you get to Stormreach. You will get crafting XP and a little money each time you break things down. As soon as you have access to your bank, fill it and your inventory with stuff to break down. 
              • Do the crafting tutorial before you go to break down your gear for the first time. This will give you a decent jump start in crafting levels and you as you will see by the planner, you need to be level 20-40 in crafting to make anything remotely sexy. 
          • Yes you can and should do Cannith challenges at low levels. 
            • You can get 20% miss chance bracers at level 3 “Bracers of the Wind” and it really isn’t difficult. (The challenges you need for this are very straightforward.) You are level 3 or 4 but so are the mobs. 
          • LINK to my low-level guide to doing Kobold Chaos at level 4
          • LINK to the guide for getting through Dr. Rushmore’s mansion (You will do “Behind the Door” to get what you need.) 
          • LINK placeholder for Lava Caves. Very easy and straightforward challenge. 
            • Any gear you get can grow with you as you get “Older”


  • Let’s talk about getting older. (really torn about sharing this advice) 


      • I get it, your a fledgling Hardcore player, your little body is going through changes but that doesn’t mean you need to keep putting yourself at risk. Here are the biggest mistakes I saw people making on the Hardcore Test Server: 
        • Going too fast. 
          • Don’t shy away from working through snowy Korthos and doing things at level. If you don’t develop your Hardcore Survival skills here, you are going to fall on your face when the training wheels come off. It’s ok to gather some gear and a few action points before you try to burn through Korthos on elite. 
            • I should not have to talk about this, yet people are still out there eating Tide Pods. I get it. You are in a hurry. But do you know what’s more time consuming than running a quest twice? Starting over at level 1. This is Darwinism. If you play foolishly, the game will weed you out. 
        • Lack of group communication 
          • When the rogue says “trap” or stops and types “trap”. Don’t go further. Let them do their thing. 
          • If you need a heal and your cleric isn’t with you, you are about to die. 
        • Lack of self sufficiency
          • Be your own anchor. Have your own heal pots/ resist pots and whatever else you might need. If you are in a group, great. But it is not their job to look out for you. Watch out for number one. Think about every quest before you step in. What kind of mobs are there? What will the casters throw at you? Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance, right? 
        • Overconfidence 
          • This is going to be easy! I’ve run these quests a thousand times before! And then that person dies at level 4-5 the first time they see a Kobold Shaman casting lightning bolt. I have also seen a lot of players dying between 8-10 when their character starts to grow and get a little more hardy. These guys tend to bite off more than they can handle. All I can say is… THANK YOU for getting out of my way on the leaderboard! 
            • If you are standing at a quest door and your clench factor of above seven. Step away. Do it on a lower difficulty. Come back to it later when you are bigger/ stronger. Or don’t. I’ll take your spot on the board. It’s fine. 
        • Failure to dodge. 
          • Not anticipating spells aimed at you and underestimating how hard a champion is going to hit you is a great way to get yourself killed. Do yourself a favor and get out of the way. Break line of sight so you can deal with the trash without interference from the archers. A little tactics go a long way. 
            • The fight comes to you. Not the other way around if you can help it. Take away a named bosses minions and suddenly they become easier to deal with. 
        • Know your role. 
          • If you are squishy. Be Squishy. If you are made of glass and you throw the first punch, expect Darwinism to kick in and take care of you. Let the tank be the tank. It’s why you let them into the party. 

Please stop asking me about static groups for this. I don’t plan on it at this point.  Good luck! Hope to see you out there! 


Know what you want and pursue it ruthlessly until you get it or someone hands you a restraining order.  – Lessah, Passive-Aggressive Paladin 


  • What we learned this week:
      • Lessah: I learned that I still got it. 
        • I would say u can get 5k before hitting 20- said someone who is obviously delusional. 
      • Myth: The elephants upstairs have moved on to new ground!! 
      • Sahba: Syd’s next life is going to be an Alchemist!!!


Rumors, News, and Lies 



  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!! 
    • Sanctuary
    • Travelers
    • Another Life
    • I’m ready! I watched Stranger Things.
    • The Boys is the show I never knew I wanted to see! 
    • Mythery and Lessah in the virtual Living Room.  
      • We need to get oculus tv for the living room. It’s free.


I suck I have nothing to talk about


  • Other games


  • 7DTD
    • Did I play? Yes but it was garage night, skipped (reaper babies), then last night.
    • Tunnel finished just need to pretty it up! Not sure I will ever find a nitrate mine. Might have to give up but at least we found a lead mine.
  • Tom Clancy Division 2
    • I am saving DC but it keeps getting in trouble. 
      • Myth and Sahba made WT5. woohoo!
      • I went to the Zoo. It was hard. There were animals there. 
  • I was looking at games and when I went to read the description of this one game this is what it said. Cancer is everyone’s business! Till 31st January 2019, 50% of revenues from all purchases for “In Between” will go directly to the Cancer Research Institute as donations, in order to support the battle against cancer.  That is very nice, providing it’s true and the game is only 12 bucks but what they want you to get is a bundle for over 250. Really what bugged me was how much I had to look for what the game was actually about. And even then it basically just said it was a puzzle game and boasted about the 25 songs in it. Huh? It wasn’t until I started reading the reviews that I found out what the game really was and even then… This was the first review I read. The liberal, subjective borderline emphasises and reactivates the collectivism. In order to re-consider this superficial conceptualisation and the signal of it’s performative and ornamental accumulation – which is de-centrally inconceivable – the art institution forces it’s poly-cultural thesis. The urbanistic continuity interweaves the boundary of occupancies. By the means of optionally circulated plots, a conclusion has been mystifyed marginally by transient membrane. The resonance to specify merges and demonstrates the integration. Really? This is a review? Some of these aren’t even complete sentences. And this person got the game for FREE! I read two more reviews where I found out that the game is about a man who has cancer and the game is about Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ On Death and Dying, 5 Stages of Grief. Hmm…maybe this is why they didn’t describe the game? Aren’t games supposed to be fun and happy or is it just me? I suppose it could be me, I had a strange week last week. Maybe I’m not straight yet. Anyway, this is when I went and finished up watching Stranger Things.





Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! 

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