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A quick note from Lessah!

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The last episode of Damsels will be up very soon! (Promise!) 

This past couple of weeks has been very trying for me, my father had emergency surgery, and I ended up helping him recover afterwards. Why do old people live in the middle of nowhere without real amenities like WiFi and gourmet coffee?  I have no idea!  This made the show go up late! 

Additionally, I have been accepted (officially) back to college! My gaming schedule is going to shift dramatically! I am very excited about this! I will still be playing DDO, but with less frequency than I have over the past few years. The Damsels play time/ day might have to shift a bit eventually, but for now that is only an every other week obligation, and shouldn’t effect the current play schedule! 

Being a part of this community for the last ten years has meant so much to me! I can’t imagine a world where I’m not playing DDO. I just can’t play as much as I want to right now!